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Las Vegas Sands, a casino in London in Macau?

It’s a bit of a madness, but it’s a project that Las Vegas Sands really cares about. The firm therefore announced in a press release that it intends to create a new giant casino in Macau, which will be themed around the great city of London. We know the interest that this group has for the big cities of the world, with in particular a replica of the Venetian canals or a copy of the Eiffel Tower in its large casino in Macao. It is therefore no surprise that the industry giant is now attacking the city of London to pay tribute to it through a totally dedicated sector.

Las Vegas Sands is in the plaza

While they already own the “Parisian” and the “Venitian,” billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s group has said they have every intention of investing $ 1.1 billion in their gaming complex in Macau, and that over the next three years. He firmly intends to transform his current tourist complex which bears the name of “Sands Cotai Central” into a new haven of the game which will henceforth be called “The Londoner”; a set that will therefore include some of London’s most emblematic places. It will therefore be a gigantic new casino that will transport players in a very British atmosphere for a guaranteed change of scenery.

If you have read our previous reports on this portal, about Macau and its situation vis-à-vis the game, then you are aware that this announcement comes at the right time, since the city is experiencing a real renaissance. A phoenix that is reborn from its ashes, mainly thanks to the rebound in revenues from the gambling sector, which had then experienced some rather difficult years following the restrictions of an anti-corruption campaign launched by Beijing in 2014. Because of this anti-corruption campaign, a large number of VIP customers had by then given up going to play at casinos in Macau, thus causing a kind of crisis which had been aggravated by the slowdown in the economy of the continent. Fortunately, the situation began to turn around in August 2016.

Before “The Londoner”, there was the “Venitian” and the “Parisian”

This is the first theme adopted by the group with a replica of Venice in 2007 within a skyscraper of 39 floors and 154 m high. A gigantic complex which then had a casino, but also a hotel with 3,000 rooms as well as 350 shops, 30 restaurants and a 15,000-seat performance hall.

Then, 8 years later, the creation of a small Paris followed in 2016. We must not forget that the charm of the capital of our French neighbors is as sought after as that of a gondola ride in Asia. The Parisian will then be equipped with a giant lake, musical fountains, but also a hotel also containing 3,000 rooms, 1,200 theater seats and an Eiffel Tower overlooking 170 shops located in replicas of the most popular streets. more upscale in the French capital. Outrageousness in its purest form with no less than 400 gaming tables at a pharaonic cost of $ 3 billion.

The Londoner

“The Londoner” is therefore an extension which will not be very far from the “Venetian” which is particularly known to tourists and gamers for its canals and gondolas in the heart of the establishment. It will therefore also be close to the “Parisian”, which is best known to it for offering an Eiffel Tower half the size of the original and interiors inspired by Place Vendôme or even Versailles. But this project will also be accompanied by another expansion project. Indeed, the firm Sands, which has invested more than 13 billion dollars in Macao since 2002, also plans to expand its Four Seasons hotel on the Cotai Strip by 295 suites. The company therefore anticipates today extraordinary opportunities on the Macanese market which will continue to grow and evolve, being the only territory in China where gambling is allowed. But we must not forget that Macau is also the casino capital of the world, far ahead of Las Vegas in terms of turnover.…